WiringKDL offers a comprehensive range of wiring and assembly services. These services have historically been central to KDL's activity and this fact is reflected in the extensive skills, capabilities and experience KDL has to offer.

  • Prototyping and wire to print. Production engineering services available for larger batches
  • Fibre optic cabling and termination
  • Automatic wire stripping and crimping
  • Full approval for the manufacture of aerospace assemblies
  • Full anti-static facilities
  • Air purification systems
  • An extensive range of fully calibrated wire crimp, cutting and stripping tools (over four hundred crimp types alone) and temperature controlled soldering systems
  • Flow line production with mechanical handling and processing equipment as required
  • Full inspection including flash, resistance and insulation breakdown testing
  • Digital crimp pull test
  • ISO 9001 approval

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