Have you ever had a problem obtaining a delivery date from your supplier? The odds are that even if you receive one its accuracy will be highly suspect. Why? Because most contractors don't have true manufacturing control; providing a reliable delivery date involves possibly thousands of calculations concerning labour and machine availability, queuing theory, materials delivery dates and the ability of the manufacturer to process all jobs in the correct sequence.

KDL's investment in leading edge technology has provided it with enormous visibility of our manufacturing process - so we are able to pass the benefits of this visibility to our customers. Lots of contractors can provide a good quality product at a competitive price. However KDL is perhaps the only one that can offer a comprehensive customer order tracking service at no additional cost.

Data concerning customer orders is delivered on a daily basis to our web site; customers are then able to check forecast delivery dates and monitor the progress of critical purchasing and manufacturing activity. Who says all contractors are the same? Contact our Sales team to discuss your manufacturing requirements and discover the difference.


Over many years KDL has invested thousands of both hours and pounds to create a database whose elements interrelate and exchange data. The intention has always been to model the way in which manufacturing actually occurs and thus gain true control over our production process. Informed decisions can be made, guesswork minimised and there is no waiting for information so decisions can be made quickly and effectively. In addition fast, high quality information can be provided to KDL's customers and, of course, with efficient, effective systems overhead costs, and resulting charge-outs, are reduced.

KDL's IT capabilities mean that large, complex assemblies or groups of products can be handled with ease and with little manual intervention. Products with thousands of components, many levels of sub-assembly and complex build patterns are routinely handled with as much ease as simple assemblies; our systems can cope with any challenge. Share your manufacturing problems with our sales team For further details of our IT systems click here


With the intelligent and creative use of technology KDL has slashed, to the point of extinction, the traditional time taken between receipt of customer order and purchase order placement. Whatever the size of job purchase orders are routinely placed within 24 hours of receipt of customer order and verification of manufacturing data. Even where KDL has not previously quoted a job our EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) systems guarantee that all front-end lead times are minimised. The consequence is that final delivery lead times are reduced to an absolute minimum.

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