System Integration Rigs

systemrigsKDL designs and manufactures Production System Integration Rigs which replicate any aircraft, or similar platform, to allow for the integration of complete electronic sub-systems, e.g. Defence Aids Sub-Systems (DASS), Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) and Health and Utilisation Monitoring Systems (HUMS).

Each of the system integration rigs comprise any or all of the following:

  • Physical mounting positions for each line replaceable item
  • Independent cooling supplied to the avionics bay line replaceable items
  • Distribution of refrigeration cooling to the remote mounted line replaceable items
  • Distributed 115V/400Hz to line replaceable items
  • Distributed 240V/50Hz mains supply for test equipment
  • 28V DC power supplies to line replaceable items
  • 28V DC power supplies to the test equipment
  • Distributed earthing and bonding arrangements
  • Wiring harness representation of the aircraft or platform installation
  • Capable of integration with other existing systems integration rigs
  • Independent data-bus interface to allow for real time software development

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