Plant Lists

plantlistElectronic, Mechanical, Inspection and Testing Plant List
Our continuous investment in state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment ensures that we can build your products with precision and efficiency. Plant currently in use at KDL includes the following:

Electronic Plant List

PCA Surface Mount

  • MyData My15
  • Hydra head rated @ 14000 cph
  • Midas head
  • Scan camera
  • Fine pitch vision system
  • Juki 2055RL
  • Fine pitch vision system
  • Scan laser centering system
  • Smart feeder system
  • Nutech Conveyer Systems with auto-loaders and unloaders
  • Nutech traverser system permitting 2 independent lines or 1 high speed line
  • 2 X DEK Horizon 03i Solder Paste Printers
  • BTU Pyramax 98 7 Zone Lead Free Reflow Oven
  • BTU Pyramax 100A 8 ZoneLead Free Reflow Oven
  • ERSA IR5000 rework station
  • Aegis CADCAM Off-line programming
  • Tape & Reel Station

PCA Conventional
  • ATF dual wave flow soldering machine
  • Leaded and lead free capability
  • Elma fully automatic 4 stage ultrasonic aqueous cleaning system
  • Liquid Control vacuum encapsulation machine
  • Wiring Assembly
  • Kerry Co-Solvent cleaning System
  • PVA 350 Conformal Coating System

Fully equipped shop for all types of wiring:
  • Solder
  • Wire wrapping
  • Crimping
  • Fibre-optics
  • Harnesses, Cables, Cabinets, Instruments, Repairs, etc.
  • Komax X34 wirecutting and stripping machine
  • Komas BT722 automatic programmable strip and crimp machine
  • Multicore cable tester up to 200 ways
Mechanical Plant List

Conventional Machines and Other Equipment
  • Hardinge HLV Lathe
  • Hauser 2B Jig Borer
  • Bridgeport vertical mill
  • Vibratory Finisher, RayTech TD75

Inspection and Testing Plant List

All work undertaken is subject to a thorough examination by mechanical and electronic inspection departments that are fully conversant with Defence, Aerospace, BS and Mil Spec Standards

Mechanical Inspection
  • Trimos height guages
  • Magnaflux FM-140 metal conductivity tester
  • Granite Tables
  • Mitutoyo Profile Projector PJ-300
Electrical & Electronic Inspection
  • Stereo Inspection System, Vision Engineering TS4
  • AOI, Easy Vision
  • Mecmesim M2500E digital strain guage to 2500 newtons

Test & Environment Conditioning
A full range of general and specific instrumentation testing:
  • Fluids systems
  • Pressure testing to 5000psi
  • Electrical Circuits
  • RF
            -    Screened Room
  • Environmental Conditioning (profiling from -40 °C to +150 °C)
            -    Fisons
            -    ACS Challenge 160
            -    Hedinair
  • A wide variety of oscilloscopes, analysers (function, EMC, spectrum, network), function generators, emulators, power supplies, etc.

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