04/13 - Obsolescence

Obsolescence Monitoring

KDL has developed even further its value-added service by introducing obsolescence monitoring.

Components that are critical to a product’s continued existence are identified and then regular confirmation of continuing availability requested from suppliers and manufacturers. In the event that such confirmation is not forthcoming then a search for alternatives, a last time buy or a proposal for design amendments can be implemented.

Another feature that adds value to KDL's customer service

12/12 - Co2 Success

KDL Carbon Saving

Following KDL's June 2012 investment in low-energy lighting the results for the first 18 months year show a dramatic saving of 58 tonnes of Co2 with Co2 output falling from an annual 155 tonnes to 97.  The cost saving is also very welcome as our electricity tariff has increased by around 30% in the period.  Continuing this theme we have now ordered a new energy-efficient compressor which will further reduce Co2 output.  Click the link to see the associated graph.

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07/11 - Cleaner Cleaning

New Solvent Cleaning Capability

KDL has invested around £50,000 in a Kerry solvent cleaning tank. This will be used primarily for circuit boards that demand the highest cleanliness standards - generally defence, aerospace, medical and RF products.  The new cleaning process will combine with KDL's existing aqueous cleaning facility to offer a wider range of product cleaning solutions.

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06/11 - Carbon Reduction

Carbon Reduction Investment

KDL has invested a significant sum in new energy-efficient lighting throughout its 20,000 sq. ft. premises.  High efficiency ballasts and tubes were installed by Amina Products and the installation is forecast to save in excess of 25 tonnes of Co2 over the next year along with a return on investment of around 20%.  All in all a fairly easy investment decision!

05/11 - New DEK printers

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New Dek Printers

KDL has invested in two new DEK Horizon Printers as part of its continued improvement process. The Horizon was chosen for its consistency of operation plus its flexible platform allowing retrofittable options to be added to address any future requirements that may arise.

The ease with which it is possible to change from product to product without lengthy set up times will increase productivity.  So the end result will be lower cost and higher quality products.

Another technology investment to provide an even more cost-effective service to our customers.




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