The Gnome Fuel Computer Test Set 2nd Line


The Gnome Fuel Computer Second Line Test Set

gnome2v2The Gnome Fuel Computer Second Line Test Set (GFCTS) is designed to test help diagnosis faults with the fuel control computer system on Sea King helicopters using Rolls-Royce Gnome engines.


GFCTS is an automated test equipment designed for use within 2nd Line Electronic Workshops. It is a replacement for both the EDL2659 and EDL2819 test sets. By automating the tests a significant reduction in test time is achieved to carry out the full serviceability testing of the Fuel Computer, Throttle Actuator and Anticipator. Computer controlled test operation results in greater speed, accuracy and repeatability of testing, reducing Aircraft on Ground downtime.


  • Follows the test method defined in AP 1112G-0783-1
  • Test sequence stage within AP 1112G-0783-1 displayed to the operator.
  • Simple menu-driven user interface.
  • Reduced training time.
  • Full test or selective test options available
  • Soak test facility.
  • Droop law calculated and displayed as a graph.
  • Reduced test time and aircraft downtime.
  • Test Results recorded and saved.
  • Approved by Rolls-Royce and in service with MOD (UK)

The GFCTS is contained within an aluminium flight style case and is supplied complete with notebook PC and all the necessary leads and ancillary parts.

Power Requirements
24–28V DC or 90–250V 50-60Hz AC.

General Data
Manufacturers Part No. KD7290
Weight: 51 Kilograms.
Dimensions: Height 430mm. x Width 500m x Depth 600mm.

Def Stan 00-56
Mil Std 882D
EN6010, EN61326


The GFCTS equipment is designed to operate in a sheltered environment as follows:





+15° C to 25° C

30% to 50%

Transportation and Storage

-40oC to +71oC

up to 100%

Download Product Data Sheet

The GFCTS can be transported within the protected carry case.

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