Card Quick Access Recorder

CardAccessRThe Card Quick Access Recorder is a solid-state flight data recorder that combines both Quick Access Recorder (QAR) and Maintenance Data Recorder (MDR) in one cockpit mountable unit.

The primary purpose of the CQAR is to enable relevant maintenance data to be recorded from an on-board monitoring system and simultaneously to accept and record auxiliary data from the on board Flight Data Recorder (FDR) acquisition system. In addition the CQAR may be used solely as a high capacity QAR, or as a direct replacement for the Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) MDR.

The recording medium is a standard high capacity Personal Computer Memory Card International Association (PCMCIA) Type II card. Transfer of the data card from the airborne platform to a ground station is carried out by cockpit or maintenance crew as appropriate to the operational environment.


  • Power Conditioning sub-system
  • PCMCIA sub-system that interfaces the processor sub-system to an ATA PCMCIA memory card.
  • Quick access recorder (QAR) sub-system that receives 16 bit data from an ARINC 573 / 717 data Link, with the data encoded as “Return to Zero” (RZ) OR “Harvard Bi-Phase”.
  • A Maintenance data recorder (QAR) sub-system that receives 8 bit data from either an RS422 or RS232 port, having hardware handshaking in the form CTS and RTS.
  • Indicator sub-system.
  • Embedded Processor sub-system that executes application software and controls the flow of data between the other systems within the CQAR.
  • Watchdog monitor sub-system.
  • A Timer that’s configurable by the embedded software for general use in time dependant operations.
  • An Embedded Software system that defines external MDR and QAR interfaces and be responsible for data flow to and from the PCMCIA ATA memory card.

General Data
Manufacturer: Kenure Developments Limited
Part No. KD7277
Weight: 0.25 Kilograms.
Dimensions: H 430mm. x W 500m x D 600mm.





+15° C to 25° C

30% to 50%

Transportation and Storage

-40oC to +71oC

up to 100%

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